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01 September 2010 @ 08:38 pm
( community - general - top fives )  

including: top 5 Annie moments, top 5 Britta moments, top 5 Abed and/or Troy moments, top 5 Troy and Abed end tags

top five Annie Edison moments

05 | (1.04) Social Psychology

I had a 4.0 at Riverside High and I’m not looking down on this school at all, but I’m only here because of a brief addiction to pills that I was told would help me focus but they actually made me lose my scholarship and virginity!

04 | (1.20) The Science of Illusion

Mornin’ boys. I’m Annie Edison but people call me Psycho because I had a nervous breakdown in high school. My partner’s a Christian housewife. Can we help you?

03 | (1.11) The Politics of Human Sexuality

You know what? I don’t want to express myself. I don’t want to sit in a room full of people and say…the “p” word. I like being repressed. I am totally comfortable with being uncomfortable with my sexuality. And maybe, just maybe, if everyone were a little bit more like me, we wouldn’t have to have an STD fair!

02 | (1.10) Environmental Science

Well guess what, handsome hobo! Your gravy train’s leaving the station!

01 | (1.05) Advanced Criminal Law
I’m going to tell you what my mother told me when I wanted to quit cheerleading: You’re not very pretty, you have no boobs, and you can’t do a basket toss to save your life but you made a commitment. So pick up your pom-poms Pierce, stuff your bra and get ready for the team bus to forget you at a Taco Bell because life is tough but we soldier on and that’s just the way it goes.

bonus | (1.17) Physical Education

top five Britta Perry moments

05 | (1.15) Romantic Expressionism

Damn right! Gimme some fivesies…turnin’ it into a snake.

04 | (1.25) Pascal’s Triangle Revisited

You were the pit stop. He used you to numb the pain of not getting with me. Jeff needs a girl who doesn’t just not wear underwear because Oprah told her it would spice things up. He needs a girl who doesn’t wear underwear because she hasn’t done laundry in three weeks. He’s been to flavor country now. They should retire the table we did it on! ... Oh, I’m sorry. I have to go. I just won a contest for being hot!

03 | (1.16) Communication Studies

A girlfriend from my anarchist days was in town and we drank. Everything.

02 | (1.22) The Art of Discourse

Britta: You need to bang that kid’s mom! … Because then, anything he says about you...
Jeff: ...he’d being saying to a dude that banged his mom!

01 | (1.20) The Science of Illusion

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Cancer! Oh good, come on in. I thought it was Britta!

top five Abed Nadir and/or Troy Barnes moments

05 | (1.17) Physical Education

Abed: Hmm. What are you reading?
Annie: Pride and Prejudice.
Abed: So you’re familiar with two sins, how about a third?
Annie: I don’t think we’re allowed to smoke in here.
Abed: Then you picked the wrong outfit, didn’t you?
Shirley: Abed, what are you doing!?
Abed: Don Draper from Mad Men. What’d you think?
Britta: Weird.
Troy: Awesome.
Pierce: Put your tongue in her ear.
Annie: I liked it.
Shirley: Don’t be him. He cheats on his wife!

04 | (1.06) Football, Feminism and You

Hip hop, body don’t stop! Riverside got the broom, don’t need a mop. Put your T-Man in the box, put a ribbon on top. We’re not John Kerry cause we don’t flip flop. Say OHHHHH! Bing bong, sing along! Your team’s Al Gore cause your views are wrong. - Politically Conservative High School Shamefully Outdated Fight Rap

03 | (1.20) The Science of Illusion

I’m sick and tired of making excuses for you two! You’re an embarrassment to the department! You’re off the case and off the force. Your badges, your windbreakers, now. Now! I ain’t got all day! Agitating my sciatica. I’m too old for this! Now get out of my sight. Thought you were badasses, huh? Real badasses work together. Hmm? All I see is a housewife and a girl scout. I said, get out! And don’t even think about getting near this case, uh-uh!

02 | (1.22) The Art of Discourse

Abed: Unfortunately, the school year's almost over and there's a bunch of stuff still on the list.
Troy: I'll help you finish it. I'll be like your Morgan Freeman.
Abed: Like in The Bucket List?
Troy: The what?
Abed: Stand up for a second. Uh, come over here. Stand like...okay, turn around.
Troy: What the hell!?
Abed: Pantsing someone was on my list. It would have been better if you were wearing the standard giant hearts on underwear, but I'll take it.
Troy: Oh, yeah? Well I hope getting pantsed is on your list!
Abed: It is!

01 | (1.15) Romantic Expressionism

Shirley: You don't see me sayin' anything crazy about uh, Abed and Troy's weird little relationship.
Abed and Troy: They're just jealous.

top five Troy and Abed end tags

05 | (1.04) Social Psychology

Abed: Oh, I think it's time for Burning Man!
Troy: Ooh, I'm Saddam Hussein! Ooh!
Abed: Nice to meet you, dude. ... Ooh wow, I love reading and being a desperate housewife!
Troy: Hey man, coming through, I love the desperate housewives! ... I'm Doctor Doogie Seacrest! I think I'm better than everyone else because I'm forty!
Jeff: I'm not forty. I can hear you through the window, morons.
Troy: Just pretend like you asleep. Just pretend like you were sleeping.

04 | (1.20) The Science of Illusion

Troy: We really appreciate you doing this.
Jeff: Oh, sure.
Abed: And 3, 2, 1…
Troy and Abed: ♪ ♪ Troy and Abed in the morning ♪ ♪
Troy: And we’re back. Look who’s here! Jeff Winger.
Abed: Jeff, how do you stay so fit?
Jeff: Uh…diet, exercise…genetics.
Abed: Sure, sure.
Troy: Okay, so it seems as though we have a clip. You want to set it up for us?
Jeff: Uh, I’d like to, but I don’t know what you’re taking abou
Abed: Okay, we’ll just roll it.
Troy: Ooh, my name’s Jeff Winger. Oooh.
Abed: Hey, I’m Jeff Winger. I’m so tall.
Troy: Ah, this watch is expensive.
Abed: Muscles are everywhere.
Troy: Oh, that was really funny.
Jeff: You guys, what’s going on? Where are the cameras?
Troy: Oh, we’re not filming this.
Abed: No, who’d want to watch this?
Jeff: Oh, guys, it’s 6 AM! Jeez!
Abed: We’re not gonna have him back.
Troy and Abed: ♪ ♪ Troy and Abed in the mo- ♪ ♪
Jeff: No!

03 | (1.03) Introduction to Film

Abed: Am I krumping?
Troy: No.
Abed: Am I krumping?
Troy: No.
Abed: Am I krumping now?
Troy: No! This is krumping.

02 | (1.02) Spanish 101

Troy: ¿Donde esta la biblioteca? Me llamo T-Bone, la araña discoteca.
Abed: Discoteca, muñeca, la biblioteca. Es el bigote grande, perro, manteca.
Troy: Manteca, bigote, gigante, pequeño. Cabeza es nieve. Cerveza es bueno.
Abed: Buenos dias, me gustan papas frias, el bigote de la cabra es Cameron Diaz. ... Yeah boy, boy! What! It's 2009.
Troy: Word.

01 | (1.07) Introduction to Statistics

Troy: I'm Batman!
Abed: You sound like Cookie Monster.
Troy: I'm Batman!
Abed: That's Batman!
Troy: Candy corn looks like tiny traffic cones.
Abed: Yeah, it sure does.
Troy: At like, a candy traffic school.
Troy: Like a little Gingerbread man at the wheel. And he's drunk!
Abed: Look out!
Troy: Be drivin' but you keep wanting to eat yourself...
Abed: All day.
Troy: That's one of my biggest fears.
Abed: What is?
Troy: If I ever, like, woke up as a donut -
Abed: You would eat yourself?
Troy: I wouldn't even question it.
Abed: Mmm, that'd be tasty.
Troy: It's cool to know other people think about this stuff too.
Abed: Yeah...yeah.

an //
caps from fishsticktheatre TYSM I COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU ♥
so guys. community has taken over my life! if you follow me on tumblr, you know that. because now all i do is post graphics of scenes i think are funny. except that like, every scene is funny so i keep making graphics of EVERYTHING. but yeah, if you do follow me on tumblr and you're now looking at this, i'm sorry. cause i posted the annie and britta ones and i think some of the abed and troy ones too. but yeah, this is my first picspam! huzzah! i love it to pieces. i thought about taking away some of the quotes/dialogue because usually, people's picspams are a bunch of caps and it looks pretty and neat and organized but i couldn't do it. I LOVE THE DIALOGUE TOO MUCH. also, re: annie and britta having 5 moments and abed and troy sharing 5 moments, it is NOT because i love them less than annie or britta or anyone. it is actually because i love them MORE, and could never even choose 5 of their moments so i smushed them together cause half of my favorite moments of one involve the other anyway. ahem. i hope you enjoy and what not. if not, tra la la i had too much fun making these. also, please don't post on tumblr. i've posted most of them on my own (look under my community tag) if i haven't posted the one you want, just comment and i will. but if you really cannot stand the thought of giving me credit, i'm not gonna kill you or anything. i am aware that once something is put on the internet, there isn't a whole lot i can do about it lurking around everywhere. anyway, infinite love if you look/enjoy/comment/what have you ♥
amtrak12: Anne's Boobsamtrak12 on September 2nd, 2010 01:47 pm (UTC)
So much fun!! :D Thanks for sharing!
hoduhilo on April 8th, 2011 11:46 pm (UTC)
Excellent post I must say.. Simple but yet interesting and engaging.. Keep up the awesome work!

kididove on April 14th, 2011 08:18 am (UTC)
Very intereresting reading. thx